As the world is heading towards the revolution, it is seen that different types of viruses and diseases have appeared in the frontline to conquer human struggles. COVID-19 is one of them. But long ago, when we were unaware of the word “coronavirus”, there was a virus named “dengue virus” that anguished our lives with its deadly consequences.

In the year 2011, a huge wave of dengue virus hit Pakistan during the autumn season. Thousands of people got affected and hundreds of them died due to a shortage of platelets in the body. But the question is, how this chronic disease spread throughout the country?

Mosquitoes were responsible to spread this disease in human beings. The species of the mosquitoes named “Aedes Aegypti” carries and spreads the dengue virus. This mosquito has dark skin with a white lining on it. It lays eggs in clean and open water sources like swimming pool, open water tank, air cooler etc.

A dengue mosquito usually lives for two weeks. It lays more than 100 eggs at one time. Their entire lifespan goes through while transmitting the dengue virus to other human beings.

So, it is important to kill them instantly. We must not provide chances for the birth of dengue mosquito by not providing them with open water sources. Especially, during the late summers and autumn season. This is the best time for them to emerge as adult mosquito.

The dengue egg comes into existence during late summer. It turned in to larva form in less than 24 hours. After it converted itself into a pupa form, it takes almost 48 hours to emerge as an adult.

Many people use different kinds of ready to use sprays to get rid of dengue. No doubt, it relieves them as well, but this relief is quite superficial. As these sprays work temporarily. Their essence is not so strong to fight the dengue virus for a longer period. Here the trouble begins.

There is a question arises that how can someone effectively kill the dengue mosquito for a longer period? The answer is “fogging”.

Fogging is a method of killing pests by using pesticides. Pesticides are smoke out in the environment through the use of machinery. The pesticides and their dispersing efficiency get difficult to handle by the mosquitoes which result in making the respective environment free of dengue. Fogging not only targets the dengue mosquito but also deals with other mosquitoes who can be a source of spreading different diseases like malaria, yellow fever, chikungunya etc. It means fogging will save you from multiple diseases at the same time.


Mosquitoes usually remain active in dark. While in sunlight their energy gets slow down. Therefore, it is suggested by the experts to fog the desired area in a relatively neutral time. Early morning and evening are the best times for fogging. Because mosquitoes will be in their reactivating form at this time.

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