Fumigation is a process of killing all kinds of pests and their eggs, at any stage of their birth cycle. This process is being done on the infested area by enclosing it completely. After this, poisonous gases are known as “fumigants” are released in that enclosed area to kill all kind of microorganisms. Fumigation can be done by using either organic or chemical-based fumigants. In both cases, fumigants can be lethal to human health, if not dealt with care. This is why it is very important to know about the post fumigation response. Here is a guide of post fumigation response:


After the fumigation process is being done, it is advised to the homeowners to stay away from their place for at least 6 to 8 hours depending on the type of fumigants being used. In some cases, this duration may exceed 20 to 24 hours.

The theory behind this waiting period is to keep you away from any kinds of harsh effects of fumigants.


After the successful completion of the given time period (suggested by the fumigation expert team), step into the house and observe some factors.

If the house is free of any kind of bad odour? If not, is the odour is harmless enough that it can be a matter of no concern?

If you feel any kind of below-mentioned symptoms, for example:

  • Eye irritation/Watery eyes
  • Skin allergy
  • Cough/flu
  • Difficulty in breathing

In this case, try to leave the house as soon as possible. Consult the doctor, if required. It means that you are allergic to some of the fumigants being used. The only cure for this allergy is to wait for some more time.


Open all doors and windows for quick ventilation. The fresh air in the environment will help disperse the adverse effects of fumigants.


After the successful evacuation of all kinds of lethal fumigator’s effects, it’s time for you, to start cleaning the house.  

Start with dry mopping. Try to vacuum all kinds of pests and their residuary by disposing of them from each corner of the house. Do not forget to clean the hidden corners.

Mop up between the sofa seats, beneath the dining table and chairs, around the sink etc. These are the favorites places for the pests to hide. There is a huge possibility that you may found their corpse in those places.

After the dry mopping, wash the entire area with warm water using some anti-bacterial liquid detergent. In this way, you can save your drainage system from the multitude of the corpse.

Do not forget to clean your furniture with a powerful disinfectant.


After all the mess being cleaned successfully, it’s time to live in a fuss-free house without any psychological pressure. It’s high time to celebrate the victory against cringy pests by giving yourself a relaxing bath.

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