Most of the peoples often ask about the necessity of pest control services during winters. They get confused either they need one or not. Many of them, hesitate to subscribe to yearly membership of pest control services as they believe pests are a matter of concern only in summers. There is a common myth that pests cannot survive during winters. But the reality is quite different.

Before passing any judgement, we must know few basic things about pests and their immunity towards temperature. We must also consider the average temperature of our region during winters. Because most of the studies suggested that many pests including cockroaches can survive temperature lesser than -9° C.  Ants can survive a temperature lesser than 5° C. In addition to this, spiders can survive up to 6° C. It means we need the lowest temperatures to kill the pests naturally.

If we rely on these facts, it is possible that we can avoid pest control service in northern areas of Pakistan, such as Murree, Sawat, Gilgit Baltistan etc. As, in these areas, sometimes temperature drops to even -20° C. But when we talk about the cities like Karachi, Hyderabad, Sakkhar etc., there are extreme chances that pests will survive during winters. As, during winters, the average temperature of these areas does not even fall to 13° C even at nights. Due to their climate, they have to deal with higher temperatures in the daytime. The average temperature of Karachi is 25° C in the daytime even in winters.

Moreover, many other regions of Pakistan, who enjoys the fully-fledged winters including Lahore, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Quetta etc. They also need to deal with higher temperatures in the daytime during winters. Sometimes, the temperature gets higher than 20° C in Lahore during the daytime. In this case, pests can take shelter in basements, cracks, or holes etc. So, we can say that there is a huge possibility that pests would survive these temperatures by getting immunity against these weather fluctuations.

Another factor that should not be ignored is the tenure of the winters in Pakistan. Due to global warming and other environmental changes, the tenure of winters has been shrunken in Pakistan. This tenure has been limited to 40 to 50 days only (Last week of December to the first few days of February). This factor should also be considered before ignoring pest control services.

Last but not the least, one should not ignore the mating capability of the pests. There are brighter chances that during winters, pests might be in their larvae form. They can also survive extreme temperatures as an egg, larva, or pupa. If survived, they can appear as mature adults in the spring season with the grown community.

Dengue fever is the best example in this regard as it is spread through the bite of the “Aedes aegypti” mosquito in the autumn season till the end of the winter season. These mosquitoes are weather prone. They save their energies during entire summers in the form of larva, egg or pupa and infest the climate once the temperature gets low.


It does not matter what the season is, pest control has now become a life trait to live a healthy life. One should not skip seeking pest control services in winter because it will help in saving time and money. If not achieved, it will burden more in the coming season.