How professional disinfection services can save you from the risk of covid-19?

For the last few months, the world is battling against a hidden enemy. Major economies have been sabotaged. People are confined to their homes. Mankind’s freedom is feeling like a clumsy joke. In other words, the entire world has become a puppet of an invisible virus.

Covid-19 (CORONA VIRUS DISEASE-2019), is an infectious illness that is spread through man to man physical interaction i.e. touching. It is discovered through researches that a coronavirus can stay alive for more than 25 days in lab conditions. While on the plastic and steel surfaces, it can last for more than 3 days.

This is a shocking revelation. As, it may be possible that accidentally, your place got in to contact with a coronavirus patient. Especially, when you had not followed COVID-19 precautionary measures. The rate of public interaction is also important in this regard.

To avoid the risk of COVID-19, professional disinfection services are a must to seek. Because coronavirus is getting dangerous day by day. Maybe your usual disinfecting way and formula will remain ineffective to kill coronavirus. So, the only thing you need; is to call team Orkin to disinfect your residential or commercial properties.


Disinfection is a process of killing and controlling microorganisms, responsible for hosting and transmitting different diseases including coronavirus.

Different disinfectants are used to kill viruses and bacteria from targeted areas. For example, oxidizing and non-oxidizing disinfectants. Depending on the type, these disinfectants are applied directly to the surfaces of living and non-living things.


Disinfection works well when it comes to minimizing the risk of COVID-19. Here is the list of the points which highlight the effectiveness of professional disinfection services:

USE OF TECHNOLOGY: Professional disinfection services do not work manually. They are mainly depending on the use of technology i.e. automated (no-touch technology), decontamination technology in which aerosol technology is at top rank and ultraviolet light system etc. All these techniques have created a revolution in the field of professional disinfection services. Due to the usage of these technologies, the success rate of disinfection services is getting higher day by day.

BETTER CHEMICALS USAGE: At friendspestcontrol, we have WHO-approved disinfectant chemicals that can kill and control microorganisms more effectively. Here at Orkin, we guarantee 99.99% germ protection through our disinfection services

LONG-LASTING EFFECT: Our disinfection services provide great authenticity and a greater long-lasting effect than regular disinfecting methods. If you maintain better hygiene levels, our disinfection services will last for a longer period.


The professional method of disinfecting is quite different from the one, used at homes, offices etc. Team Orkin assures the reliability and effectiveness of our services.
So, call us now to seek professional disinfection services for your home, office or workplace etc.