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Termite Proofing

Literally throughout the world, termite cause severe damage to houses, factories and rest of the structures, particularly where wood (cellulose) is used. Unfortunately, however, its presence is realized only when much of the damage has already been wrecked. Cellulose – a primary content of wood, paper, card and sometimes of carpets and rest of the wood derivatives forms the favorite food of termite. Its said that termite cause more damage than all the storms in a year.

Fumigation Services

Fumigation is a specific treatment wherein various machines are brought under use to control all types of flying and crawling pests, both inside and outside the premises. Rodent control is another dimension of pest management. Trijet fogger, thermal fog generator, solo pumps and knapsack sprayers are some of the fundamental machines used in this process.


Termite Control Piping solution

Piping system is a very cost – effective method for anti – termite treatment. This is a latest technology and can be installed before the flooring. We hereby introduce ourselves as pioneer in anti termite treatment with a unique method of laying Porous Pipe network which is incorporated at Pre-construction or renovation stage